Strawberries mean Summer

There’s a hand-painted sandwich-board propped up outside the Scotiabank in downtown Pemberton letting people know that u-pick strawberries are in season just 4km up the road, at McEwan’s Farm.

Pemberton Summer

And they’re not just teasing.

Thanks to the unseasonably cool summer, the berries are bountiful and the picking is still excellent.

Two hours in the berry patch today netted me 20 pounds of strawberries, which translated into a full belly, a freezer full of future smoothies, a batch of freezer jam and a batch of regular jam.

There’s no more effective way to conjure the best of summer than that.

And at $1.75/lb, the formula for happiness is simple: Pick. Freeze. Preserve. Eat.

(Choose any or all of the above.)

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  1. […] Pemberton rumour mill had McEwan’s Strawberry Farm closing down, I had a mild panic attack. Last season, I picked 20 pounds of berries and made my own jam, thanks to a recipe Tonette McEwan scribbled out […]

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