The Flour Pot believes we all should eat cake. Perfect, pretty, delicious cake.

Lisa Vertefeulle’s custom cakes are so delightful they will make you want to get married, just so you can have one of your own. (She is only making 20 this year, so the law of scarcity almost justifies such extreme measures.) Alternatively, you could become the Ultimate Wedding Crasher. If you’ve attended a wedding in Pemberton this year – (and Pemberton is fast becoming the place to tie the knot – a town with hitching posts being the perfect place to get hitched) – the odds are good (especially if the cake was good), that the cake began in Vertefuelle’s Flour Pot.  We checked in with Lisa to find out what makes her so sweet.

Where did the name The Flour Pot come from?

The name came on from a fun brainstorming session with a glass of wine with my husband.

How many cakes do you make a year?

I am just getting going but will be creating approximately 20 wedding cakes this summer. (Two babes at home keep the production minimal this season.) The winter will be focused more on celebration cakes, the holidays and edible gifts for groups in the area.

What makes a cake a really truly awesome amazing cake?

An awesome and amazing cake has to look unique, flawless and beautiful AND be the best tasting cake ever! Taste seems to be left behind when someone thinks of wedding cake. I am out to change that!

Weddings, parties, anything? When are your services called for?

Yes. Weddings, parties, events, holidays, you name it!

How do you create a cake that’s personally specifically for someone? What kinds of things do you ask your clients? What are the most important things to know, before you get to work?

I prefer to meet with clients to get an idea of personal style. It’s not always possible, so photos of things they like or some little thing they want to incorporate into a cake, be it colours, a design inspired by a fabric, can all inspire the design. People are pretty creative these days. Obviously, the important things to know are the basics – the where, when, how many, etc. I love to ask people their vision before I even say anything. It’s fun what you hear.

Do you ever lick the beaters?

Lick beaters? No. Taste – oh yes! Always. I love dessert. Actually, I am very much a foodie at heart.

Do you ever wish you created art that was slightly more permanent?

No. I like giving people an experience. That feels good to me.

What 3 words would you use to describe your particular style?

My particular style is green, vintage, and fresh.

How did you end up in Pemberton?

Like many, I settled here after being in Whistler for many years. I came from a little town called Port Renfrew on the West Coast before that, where I owned a little restaurant.

What makes Pemberton a good place to base your business?

I didn’t know I would love Pemberton as much as I do. It must be the small town appeal. I really think of it as my home now. The community is incredible and I love the diversity of people. So much talent here. It’s also becoming a very popular place to get married. Almost all my weddings this summer are here! That makes me happy.

Where did you train as a pastry chef?

I worked as a chef for many years before training in Vancouver at Northwest Culinary Academy to become a certified pastry chef.

Where else might people have encountered your work, apart from at a Pemberton wedding?

Locally, I have worked for Chef Bernard & Rosalind’s Desserts by Design. I helped open Nita Lake Lodge pastry department. I worked with Chris at the Mt Currie Coffee Co to get his food program on the go. That was fun.

Where do you work from?

I am currently working out of The Blackbird Bakery kitchen. Raven has been kind enough to share a little of her great space with me.

What special tools do you need?

The most important tools are creativity, your hands and a palate knife. The rest are just details.

What question do you wish I had asked you?

I wish you hadn’t asked me about the beaters…

Treat yourself to a regular dose of The Flour Pot’s edible art by following Lisa Vertefuelle on facebook. Seriously, what’s not to like? Or visit her website,

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