Why Pemberton?

Momentum magazine called us “a town with a problem,” but we’re happy to claim the community’s addiction to bicycles, after a Census established that there is double the number of bikes as cars fighting for real estate in our garages.

The Canadian Tourism Commission declared that Pemberton is “fast becoming one of the best foodie destinations in Canada.” Michael von Hausen planning consultants said we have “great bones and an awe-inspiring context that can’t be replaced.”  Snowboard Canada magazine published a feature article that celebrated Pemberton’s backyard of big-line terrain and push-the-envelope athletes.

Great bones and big lines are a good start, but it’s the people that really make Pemberton a place with heart.

Our mission at Choose Pemberton is to round up and introduce you to the growers, makers, movers and shakers of the Potato Nation, Pemberton, British Columbia.

When you discover what made them Choose Pemberton, you might choose it too.

ChoosePemberton.com is a project developed by Pemberton writer Lisa Richardson. It’s launch phase was supported by the Pemberton & District Economic Development Commission and it continues today as a labour of love. After all, if we don’t celebrate our local micropreneurs, we don’t deserve to live in cool thriving little communities.

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Want to nominate a Pemberton event, experience or entrepreneur? Drop it in the comment box, below.

7 Responses to “About”
  1. elvicious says:

    Amazing photographs from the July 2010 Outstanding in the Field event held at North Arm Farm here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/culinaryfool/sets/72157624474404861/show/

  2. Idont Thinkso says:

    First of all, Pemberton is beautiful place, lush and green vs being a bunch of potato heads. Secondly, we are not Whistler & this page is called “Choose Pemberton”, right? Thirdly we are fed up with the hundreds of ignorant cyclists in their little tutus riding up and down Pemberton Meadows Rd in large clumps who refuse to move over when drivers try to pass them safely. They block the entire lane and flip us the bird, follow us into our driveways to beat us up, or call the police when we honk at them because they are being arseholes. None of us looking fwd to the next 5 months of this and will be so glad when Subaru Ironman is done.

    • Lisa Richardson says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on this page, Idont ThinkSo… Sorry to hear your tolerance for cyclists is at its limit already, give that it’s only March! Pemberton is 100% beautiful, lush and green, I absolutely agree, and I imagine that’s why it’s alluring for riders. I’d heard rumour of a paved road shoulder/cycle lane being put in. Do you know if that’s true?

  3. Pemberton Lions Show & Shine August 29, Pemberton Community Centre, see website: pembertonlions.com

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