Chatting with local entrepreneur and author, Blair Kaplan, about writing books, vulnerability hangovers and sobriety

In June, Blair Kaplan Venables, local PR maven, writer, founder of the I Am Resilient Project, and Chamber of Commerce director,  released her first book, Pulsing Through My Veins: Raw and Real Stories From An Entrepreneur. It spent its first week as No 1 in Hot New Releases in Entrepreneurship AND in Women in Business, and … Continue reading


h’OMgrown Fest isn’t about selling yoga pants, but creating mind space and an even greater food culture in the Pemberton Valley (and the universe)

The Things I Love about Pemberton list gets longer and longer every year, but the entry that is written in ALL CAPS and underlined 6 times right now is THE PEOPLE. I love discovering that the always smiling face of my server at my favourite restaurant belongs to a wise dynamic energetic woman who is … Continue reading

Keep it sweet: talkin’ treats with Amanda Sandahl of the Chocolate General Store

When I started the #50DayWellnessChallenge, as part of the countdown to Opening Day at Whistler Blackcomb and the Winds of Change’s 5th annual Wellness Gathering, it occurred to me that an easily manageable daily task, in the name of health and wellbeing, would be to eat a piece of dark chocolate every day. (Of course, … Continue reading

Help Stewardship Pemberton win a $10,000 BC Hydro grant

  Based on a video submission, the inspiring crew at Stewardship Pemberton has been short-listed to received $10,000 from BC Hydro Community Champions project. The funding would be applied to the Nature Centre’s ongoing education programs that include After School Club, Pro-N Days, Christmas Crafting sessions, and so much more. Watch the video here, share … Continue reading

Drop and give me 20: the story behind One Mile Lake Park’s Fitness Circuit

Why One Mile Lake is like the ultimate ice-cream sundae: it’s the perfect panacea to a hot summer’s day, and the more different elements you add, the better it gets. Over the years, the best park in Pemberton has enjoyed the addition of a boardwalk, firepit and picnic tables, Community Garden, boathouse, Nature Centre, dog … Continue reading

Q+A with Lone Goat Soap

It was an instagram shot of freshly harvested bunches of lavender drying in the early summer light that got me. I had to know more about this local soap-crafter who was cooking up soaps with edible organic fresh ingredients. Meet Lone Goat Soap.  1. Who are you? Where are you based? My name is Victoria. I … Continue reading

Why Pemberton’s (Knight-Free) Cultural Roundtable is Round

Back in December 2012, the Village of Pemberton put out a call for artsy types who like working in a group. Isn’t that an oxymoron? Like artists who make money? Or who keep spreadsheets? But with more and more big-scale events coming to town, it’s important that the local arts and culture sector is organised … Continue reading

Bring on the Barn Raisers, May 12-24

I’m kind of the opposite of Martha Stewart. So when Niki Vankerk began posting facebook requests for tasty treats to fuel the 50 volunteer timber framers who are landing in Pemberton on Monday, 12 May, to raise us a barn, I ignored her first two posts. I figured Pemberton is full of people more qualified … Continue reading

Bandit Farms: A Little Farm with a Big Heart

My 2013 Slow Food Cycle experience was pretty much the opposite of a Slow Cycle. I had a 5 month old baby and hadn’t hooked up the bike trailer or got my shizzle together in general, but my fella threw my bike in the car after the baby’s mid-morning feed and said, “I’ve got the … Continue reading

A Pemberton IRONMAN-in-training and his mission for the kids

Gary Martin is my deskmate at my day job. We never carpool, mostly because he’s usually swimming in Rainbow Lake before work or riding his bike home. To Pemberton. When he heard that someone had “won” an IRONMAN Canada entry in a silent auction (“trying to get the bidding started”, can anyone say backfired?), that … Continue reading