Breaking News! Laoyam Eagles Win Again!

The Laoyam Eagles crossed the finish line in first place on Sunday June 20, to win the junior category championship in the 2010 Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival. Again!

The team of Pemberton and Mount Currie First Nations students was steered by Kayla Spencer and coached by Dr. Hugh Fisher.

The Laoyam Eagles Junior Dragonboat team has been number one in North America, and has represented Canada around the world.

This is their 12th consecutive win of the Junior A championship.

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One Response to “Breaking News! Laoyam Eagles Win Again!”
  1. elvicious says:

    Great coverage from the Pique and the Question about the Pemberton paddling scene:
    Pemberton paddlers defend title for 12th time, Pique, June 23,

    Eagles Make It An Even Dozen, Question, June 23,

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