Pemberton’s Foodlovers Make it Easy to Love Your Food, even when the strawberries are late

Once upon a time, eating out of your own garden was a sign of poverty.

As consumers become more conscious of food security issues, and mainstream newspaper headlines blare “Gardening is the new Golf” and “Canning makes a Comeback”, the Foodlovers, based out of Sturdy’s North Arm Farm, arrive to prove you can eat local without slumming it.

Au contraire. The Foodlovers signature “refined regional cuisine” celebrates the bounty of British Columbia with palate-blowing style. Influenced by training at Canada’s heart of Slow Food, the Sooke Harbour House, The Foodlovers exclusively use organically grown produce and naturally raised meats (free-range, hormone and antibiotic free) with an emphasis on local and seasonal foods.

An on-site store combines delicatessan and bakery, offering hand-smoked meats, home-made sausage, freshly made salads, preserves, baked goods, and hand-made crackers. The Foodlovers can stock your dream picnic, a last minute dinner party, or can cater a casual BBQ, a family-style farm feast, or an elaborate 8 course meal matched with the finest BC wines as a custom “supper-club” event.

Maxim Ridorossi and Jenna Dashney are the Foodlovers.  Partners in love and work, they have made their home in the Pemberton Valley after years of travel: Max refined his skills in some of Canada’s finest restaurants: Toronto’s North 44, Vancouver’s West, Victoria’s Café Brio, the renowned Sooke Harbour House and the luxurious King Pacific Lodge, (where his food was ranked 3rd in the world and the Lodge recognized as Best Resort in Canada by Conde Nast Traveller two years in a row.) Jenna has travelled the four corners of the globe as a pastry chef – her work gracing tables at Milson’s in Sydney, Australia, Hotel Sofitel’s Le Restaurant in Melbourne, the Arai Resort in Nagano, Montreal’s Le Globe, the Sooke Harbour House on Vancouver Island and the far north’s King Pacific Lodge. Jenna took a Masters of the Pastry Arts, and she learned chocolatiering in Paris and sugar sculpting in Las Vegas, before settling in the Pemberton Valley to collect wild-rose petals to infuse intense bursts of flavour into her artful confections.

Why Pemberton?

Stop by the Farm Store weekends, or daily once the strawberries get going, and ask them.  Or just pick up a pie, artisan crackers, charcuterie meats, or a sald, and let the food speak for itself.

Or sign on for the Foodlovers Friday Night Dinners at the Farm, starting Friday June 25 at 7pm, for a weekly farm feast where you might pick up more than you bargained on.

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