10 Reasons to Staycation in Pemberton this Summer

We put together 10 reasons to turn your summer vacation into a staycation this summer, for the Village of Pemberton’s June Community Update.

What’s on your summer hit-list?

1. Ease the Pain at the Pumps. Gas has already hit $1.40/litre and some projections see it moving as high as $1.70/litre this summer. So why not consider a close-to-home adventure, and drop that money in the local economy, instead.

2. Go Camping. The benefit of a 20-Mile-Camping trip, in which you camp out within half an hour of home? If you run out of supplies or forget the all-important headlamp batteries or bottle opener, you can always duck home to pick them up, (and sneak in a quick hot shower.) You still get to enjoy campfires and ‘smores and sleeping outdoors, without spending any time in traffic. Check out tourismpembertonbc.com, say hi to the staff at the Visitor Info Centre, or pick up a copy of Jack Christie’s The Whistler Book and discover why people will drive from hundreds of miles away to camp here, at Nairn Falls, Joffre Lakes, Birkenhead Lake, Owl Creek, Strawberry Point, or along the Duffy Lake Road.

3. Take a hike. Gain some perspective. Hike up to Tenquille Lake, Upper Joffre, Marriott Basin, Wedge or try the Shadow Lake Interpretive Forest loop. Added bonus? Your favourite massage therapist will be waiting in the valley to help talk your muscles down.

4. Head for the Backcountry. There’s a reason Pemberton is called the Gateway toOne Mile Trail.jpg Adventure. It’s a great launch point for bigger backcountry adventures, if you’re inclined to explore the famed Randy Stoltman Wilderness Route or the Stein Valley trail through the Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park.

5. Epic Rides. Make the most of longer daylight hours and try an “epic” ride on for size. Tick off Middle Earth and Nimby all the way up to the new paraglide launch or recon the progress on the Sea to Sky Trail. (The Bike Co posts a trail report with condition updates.)

6. Beach time. Summer is really about the lakes and beaches. And while Pemberton might not have the warm waters of the Okanagan, we also don’t have the crowds. With the right attitude, and a gelato in hand, life is a beach, wherever you are. From the Water Park, to One Mile, to beaches along the Lillooet River, there’s beach-lounging to be had within walking distance of downtown, all the easier to tote your floaties, noodles and spray guns, sunscreen and summer reads with you.

7. Clear the bucket list. Have you always wanted to jump out of a plane or do a headstand on open water? Why not accomplish your bucket list ticks in a beautiful setting? Try jetboating up Nairn Falls, soaring over Mt Currie, horseback riding, fishing or stand up paddleboarding. There’s nothing more refreshing that getting a whole new perspective on where you live. “Hey! I can see my house from here.”

8. Culture Trip. Plenty of Pemberton locals have come away from a visit to the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre with a fresh sense of interest and admiration in the Lil’wat culture – insights that are hard to get from just driving through town.

9. Pedal Powered Picnics. Consider it “training” for Slow Food Cycle. Pack up a lunch of treats (or grab some delicious to-go treats from the local bakery, café or deli) and ride bikes to somewhere different. The Airport, the new Sea to Sky Trail out to Nairn Falls, the Museum, One Mile Lake, Anderson Lake, Mosquito Lake or Pioneer Park all have picnic tables.

10. Stock the Larder. Locally grown berries, cucumbers, or beets and Lillooet Airport Gardens tomatoes are all an awesome invitation to get your inner Preservationist on, and can, jar, or pickle your way to culinary heaven.

As tripstyler said last summer, “Pemberton’s clean air {that I swear could be bottled and sold}, smooth vodka {that is bottled and sold} and lakeside walks will give you the natural summer high you’ve been patiently waiting for.”


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