Help Stewardship Pemberton win a $10,000 BC Hydro grant


Based on a video submission, the inspiring crew at Stewardship Pemberton has been short-listed to received $10,000 from BC Hydro Community Champions project. The funding would be applied to the Nature Centre’s ongoing education programs that include After School Club, Pro-N Days, Christmas Crafting sessions, and so much more.

Watch the video here, share widely amongst your circles, and vote so that they can win some cash to do great work.

Stewardship Pemberton are community champions


Dawn Johnson said the hopes are to spend the money on enhancing existing programs, as seed funding for new initiatives like expanding the Feasting for Change program to include growing a large food plot for the Pemberton Food Bank, and to help Nature Camp teachers attend wilderness awareness and environmental education workshops to make sure their programming stays fresh and innovative. The grant would also be leveraged for funding for other projects like building an amazing, really big 3D outdoor watershed model outside the Nature Centre, working on outdoor displays like tracking and bird displays, and more. Phew.


This summer:

  • 250 strike camp spots kept 61 kids immersed in nature and inspired until the teachers went back to school,
  • 976 pounds of crabapples were picked, approximately 300lbs of which was donated back to community members who wanted to can, 100lbs  sold to Schramm Vodka,
  • 40 hours were spent teaching young adults the art of canning,
  • about 150 kids and 15 adults from age 3-70 with 6 different community groups participatedin the Crabapple Project, yielding approximately 50 Litres of jelly and 100 Litres of sauce,
  • more jars of crabapple jelly will be available at the Wellness Gathering and the St David’s Christmas Craft Fair in this new initiative to juggle beautiful streets and healthy bears, something the Conservation Officer suggested was very successful at reducing conflict in town this year.


If you’re happy that your kids are growing up here, for Nature Camp, BC Rivers Day, the Crabapple Project, BioBlitz coming to Pemberton or a host of other projects that Stewardship Pemberton has led, then share this and help Stewardship Pemberton get a funding boost to sustain the work they do.

Voting closes November 30th. The top three finalists with the most votes wins.

(And no personal information needs to be shared, no registration required. It’s the most painless way you could ever imagine to give a shout-out to a community group doing amazing work.)



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