Party on with the Rootdown pig and the Foodlovers

Chef Maxim Ridorossi and Pastry Chef Jenna Dashney are the Foodlovers Cooking Company.  They have made their home in the Pemberton Valley after years of travel: Maxim refined his skills in some of Canada’s finest restaurants (Toronto’s North 44, Vancouver’s West, Victoria’s Café Brio, Sooke Harbour House, the King Pacific Lodge) and Jenna learned chocolatiering in Paris, … Continue reading


Highway to foodlovers’ heaven

First, your soundtrack for the following post: And now, a special announcement from Michael McCarthy of the Province:  Pemberton is heaven for food lovers. In an feature in today’s paper, McCarthy recounts the strange conundrum of Pemberton: a rustic agricultural outpost that is becoming a destination for the food-savvy, for those who appreciate wild rose … Continue reading

Canada Day beverage of choice: the Five Mile Caesar

If you’re planning on making a toast to Canada Day on July 1, the go-to drink has to be the Caesar, the closest thing Canada has to a national beverage. Inspired by the ultra-Canadian (?!) dish Spaghetti Vongole (spaghetti with clams), the Calgarian bartender (originally from Montenegro) who invented the cocktail blended lime, Worcestershire sauce, … Continue reading

Pemberton’s Foodlovers Make it Easy to Love Your Food, even when the strawberries are late

Once upon a time, eating out of your own garden was a sign of poverty. As consumers become more conscious of food security issues, and mainstream newspaper headlines blare “Gardening is the new Golf” and “Canning makes a Comeback”, the Foodlovers, based out of Sturdy’s North Arm Farm, arrive to prove you can eat local … Continue reading