The taste of the Potato Nation is on tap here… Q+A with Schramm Distillery

If James Bond came to Pemberton to celebrate Thanksgiving (giving that it is the best place in Canada to spend the harvest celebration, according to the Huffington Post), the first place he would go would be Schramm’s Pemberton Distillery. Because they make a mean martini. A visit to the newly opened distillery was our 4th … Continue reading

Pemberton’s Sweetest Spots, as featured in the June issue of Vancouver Magazine

Pick up the June issue of Vancouver Magazine, and you’ll find local writer Lisa Richardson exhorting Vancouverites to flee the city this summer. All they need to do, to find the sweetest spots on Highway 99, is to keep on trucking through Squamish and Whistler. As Johnny Cash sang, “I’ll meet you on further up … Continue reading

Pemberton distillery creates the world’s first organic gin

The 100 mile liquor cabinet is becoming more of a possibility thanks to Pemberton’s master distiller Tyler Schramm. When a Pemberton chef identified a local source of juniper berries to Schramm, he got to work creating the world’s first organic gin. Schramm told the Whistler Question: “We’re using a similar spirit that we use to … Continue reading

Pemberton – where self sufficiency meets sled culture to create a whole new hybrid of hippie redneck

Off the rack skis, heli assists and mass produced cheap liquor are key ingredients in many fine ski adventures, but those living in the shadow of Mt Currie seem to have absorbed the true fundamentals of the effort/reward equation: the more you put into something, the higher the quality and the greater the sense of … Continue reading

How to grow a giant pumpkin… and why you really do want a Jabba the Hut look-a-like sprouting in your yard

The Canadian Tourism Commission declares Pemberton to be: the place Whistlerites move to when they grow up, fast becoming one of the great locavore foodie destinations in Canada the second-best place in the country to spend Thanksgiving (after your own home.) It’s also angling for the title : home to champion giant pumpkin growers. Pemberton’s … Continue reading

Superstar chefs turn the limelight onto Pemberton farmers

Another reason to be happy the Meager Mudslide didn’t wash Pemberton Meadows away? Slow Food Cycle rides on. And ten tickets remain for the Slow Food Cycle benefit dinner, taking place in Pemberton on Saturday 14 August. The menu, a creative collaboration between Araxi’s Executive Chef James Walt and Grant Cousar and his team at … Continue reading

Canada Day beverage of choice: the Five Mile Caesar

If you’re planning on making a toast to Canada Day on July 1, the go-to drink has to be the Caesar, the closest thing Canada has to a national beverage. Inspired by the ultra-Canadian (?!) dish Spaghetti Vongole (spaghetti with clams), the Calgarian bartender (originally from Montenegro) who invented the cocktail blended lime, Worcestershire sauce, … Continue reading

Potatoes + water + master distiller creates winning combination at Pemberton’s Schramm Vodka Distillery

Discover how much value Tyler Schramm adds to a Pemberton potato, with a tour of the distillery that brews the award-winning organic Schramm Vodka.