The taste of the Potato Nation is on tap here… Q+A with Schramm Distillery

If James Bond came to Pemberton to celebrate Thanksgiving (giving that it is the best place in Canada to spend the harvest celebration, according to the Huffington Post), the first place he would go would be Schramm’s Pemberton Distillery. Because they make a mean martini. A visit to the newly opened distillery was our 4th … Continue reading


Pemberton distillery creates the world’s first organic gin

The 100 mile liquor cabinet is becoming more of a possibility thanks to Pemberton’s master distiller Tyler Schramm. When a Pemberton chef identified a local source of juniper berries to Schramm, he got to work creating the world’s first organic gin. Schramm told the Whistler Question: “We’re using a similar spirit that we use to … Continue reading