Meet the team you hope you’ll never need: Q+A with PEMSAR

Pemberton Search and Rescue (PEMSAR) might be one of the province’s better-documented search and rescue crews, thanks to Dave Steers’ ever-present camera. That said, it’s made up of some of the most unassuming folk in town, so odds are, you don’t know the half of what they do. We figured we were well overdue to … Continue reading

Take the Meager Mudslide Tasting Tour

The Meager Mudslide might have washed away access to the hotsprings… but Pembertonians aren’t ones to sit around sucking on lemons when there’s lemonade (cocktails) to be made. A crew of creative locals got to work creating Meager Mudslide concoctions, to help you feel just as warm and fuzzy as if you were deep-soaking in bliss … Continue reading