A taste of India, made in Pemberton – meeting Nidhi of Nidhi’s Cuisine

If you’re hankering for organic, locally sourced vegetarian cuisine around Pemberton, you don’t have to look any further than Nidhi’s Cuisine. And thanks to Nidhi, you don’t have to go to Kashmir to enjoy Pemberton produce with an Iranian and Muslim twist. As the weekly Farmers Market winds down, Nidhi Raina will showcase her food … Continue reading


100 ways to enjoy a Pemberton potato

Fried, baked or mashed, distilled, or as crispy chips… Pemberton potatoes are at the heart of a healthy 100 mile diet. And harvesting is underway, now that Slow Food Cycle preparations aren’t here to distract our local growers! But they can be very sneaky. Hard to tell apart… …until you taste them. Here are some … Continue reading