Why celebrate Rivers?

Nature gives us Everything that sustains us … so why not take half a day to give a little back? Stewardship Pemberton make it ridiculously easy, and fun, on Sunday, for BC Rivers Day, with a stream bank restoration project, tree planting, seed ball creation, interpretive walks, communal campfire and free outdoor yoga class. Why … Continue reading

Sea to Sky Trail touches down in Pemberton

Back in the ’90s, a couple of hammerhead trailbuilders, Russ Kirkwood and Mike Manheim, dreamed of linking the entire Sea to Sky corridor with an off-road mountain bike trail, and they even scratched in portions of it. They were ahead of their time. But 20 years later, the time for the Sea to Sky Trail … Continue reading

Stand up and Paddle. Or do a headstand. As you prefer.

I love yoga in the fall. When the weather is miserable, it’s too wet to ride, and the snow isn’t here yet, yoga is amazing, to heat up the body and get the energy flowing. In the summer time though… it’s harder to motivate. Perhaps that’s behind local yogi, Georgette Metcalfe’s new passion. Paddle Board … Continue reading

Stewardship Pemberton explains how to love where you live. (Part 1: get to know it.)

What does it mean to love where you live? Stewardship Pemberton, founded officially in 2007, is a community group dedicated to education and the protection and restoration of the natural environment. Having completed the One Mile Nature Centre, a project 7 years in the making, they’re embarking on a 5 year strategic planning exercise and … Continue reading

Warm Up at Winterfest this Weekend

We’re in the middle of winter, in the middle of the mountains. Unless you’re headed to Mexico sometime soon, you might as well celebrate. Pemberton Winterfest makes that easy… with 12 events planned for the four day cold-stretch of 19 – 22 January, it’s a chance to warm up to winter with activities that are … Continue reading

Something fishy is coming to Pemberton – ground breaks for the One Mile Lake Nature Centre

Veronica Woodruff loves fish. And she loves to spread her fishy-affection around. As the Education Coordinator for Fisheries and Oceans, Canada, she looks after the Salmonids-in-the-Classroom project, turning Sea to Sky’s human-fry into fry-fans.  “We bring salmon eggs to the classroom so the kids can watch them develop from alevin to fry and be part … Continue reading