Social Media Sessions at the Library: Q+A with Lisa Richardson

It’s always dangerous when Shannon Ellis and I get together – we’re 2 idea-dervishes with solid over-commitment issues and are easily spun into each other’s brainstorming vortices, only to find ourselves in a Kansas of busy-ness. So it’s probably a good thing that we only manage to sit down for lunch twice a year. Last … Continue reading


Pemberton’s Sweetest Spots, as featured in the June issue of Vancouver Magazine

Pick up the June issue of Vancouver Magazine, and you’ll find local writer Lisa Richardson exhorting Vancouverites to flee the city this summer. All they need to do, to find the sweetest spots on Highway 99, is to keep on trucking through Squamish and Whistler. As Johnny Cash sang, “I’ll meet you on further up … Continue reading

Pemberton – where self sufficiency meets sled culture to create a whole new hybrid of hippie redneck

Off the rack skis, heli assists and mass produced cheap liquor are key ingredients in many fine ski adventures, but those living in the shadow of Mt Currie seem to have absorbed the true fundamentals of the effort/reward equation: the more you put into something, the higher the quality and the greater the sense of … Continue reading