Superstar chefs turn the limelight onto Pemberton farmers

Another reason to be happy the Meager Mudslide didn’t wash Pemberton Meadows away? Slow Food Cycle rides on. And ten tickets remain for the Slow Food Cycle benefit dinner, taking place in Pemberton on Saturday 14 August. The menu, a creative collaboration between Araxi’s Executive Chef James Walt and Grant Cousar and his team at … Continue reading


Farm to Fork dinner set to celebrate Pemberton’s Slow Food Cycle

Slow Food Cycle Sunday was conceived in 2005 as a festive way to shorten the distance between fork and field. This year, to celebrate the Slow Food Cycle weekend, the Pemberton and District Chamber of Commerce presents the Slow Food Cycle Dinner Event, bringing the distance between farm-gate and dinner-plate as close as a kiss. … Continue reading