Potatoes + water + master distiller creates winning combination at Pemberton’s Schramm Vodka Distillery

Discover how much value Tyler Schramm adds to a Pemberton potato, with a tour of the distillery that brews the award-winning organic Schramm Vodka.

The Yin to Crankworx’ Yang, Slow Food Cycle Sunday returns for 2010

Slow Food Cycle Sunday, Pemberton’s signature agritourism event, returns August 15 2010, with 13 participating farms turning Pemberton Meadows Road into a 30km long farm-festival love-in.

Pemberton positions itself to be the heart of alpine mountain-biking, aka “The Hub of the Wheel”

Pemberton’s trail-building plans over the next few years position it to become global Mecca and a BC destination for long alpine mountain-biking routes.

Q&A with founders of Pemberton’s Nimby50

Founders of Pemberton’s NimbyFifty technical marathon XC mountain bike race give a Q&A on what inspired them and why NimbyFifty is a perfect fit for Pemberton.