Everything you need to know about the 7th annual Slow Food Cycle Sunday

  Just three weeks away!

Mountain man, river rat, adventure guide – jetboating with Eric Pehota

If you’re going to take a boat up a waterfall like Nairn Falls, where the Green, Soo and Rutherford Rivers combine and carve cataract out of granite, you want it to be piloted by someone with 17 years experience paddling, rafting and jetboating the river systems of Whistler and Pemberton. It’s an added bonus that … Continue reading


Improve Your IQ at the Pemberton Museum

Brian Brett writes in Trauma Farm: “Not too long ago I encountered a knowledge test. Do you know ten local birds, ten local trees, ten local flowers? Shut your eyes. Now, point to the north, point to the west. What phase is the moon tonight? Where will it rise, and when was the last time … Continue reading

Canada Day beverage of choice: the Five Mile Caesar

If you’re planning on making a toast to Canada Day on July 1, the go-to drink has to be the Caesar, the closest thing Canada has to a national beverage. Inspired by the ultra-Canadian (?!) dish Spaghetti Vongole (spaghetti with clams), the Calgarian bartender (originally from Montenegro) who invented the cocktail blended lime, Worcestershire sauce, … Continue reading

Plenty of Races, No Rats. Even Canada Day Starts with a Race in Pemberton.

The home of gruelling Lumpy’s and the “savage” Nimby50, the “tragic” fourth stage of the Four Queens bike comp on July 11, as well as location for one of the first Eco-Challenge’s ever (in 1996. It was too gnarly), in Pemberton even Canada Day starts with a race. The classic 7km Spud Run, celebrating its 12th annual, … Continue reading

The pecking order in the air goes bird, glider, paraglider, according to Pemberton Soaring Pilot, Rudy Rozsypalek

One of only two commercial gliding operators in Canada, the 17 year old Pemberton Soaring operation provided 1400 gliding experiences during the flying season (Apr-Sept) 2009. In clear weather, with good thermal lift, the glider can go to 10,000 ft, from where passengers can see the Pemberton Ice-cap, Whistler, Black Tusk, the Tantalus Range, the … Continue reading

Pemberton’s Foodlovers Make it Easy to Love Your Food, even when the strawberries are late

Once upon a time, eating out of your own garden was a sign of poverty. As consumers become more conscious of food security issues, and mainstream newspaper headlines blare “Gardening is the new Golf” and “Canning makes a Comeback”, the Foodlovers, based out of Sturdy’s North Arm Farm, arrive to prove you can eat local … Continue reading

Breaking News! Laoyam Eagles Win Again!

The Laoyam Eagles crossed the finish line in first place on Sunday June 20, to win the junior category championship in the 2010 Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival. Again! The team of Pemberton and Mount Currie First Nations students was steered by Kayla Spencer and coached by Dr. Hugh Fisher. The Laoyam Eagles Junior … Continue reading

The loveliness of LUprints

We chat with Pemberton textile designer, Ulla Clark, of LUprints about what inspires her, and how a bike-to-farm festival kickstarted her career as a green designer.

Olympic gold medallist prepares his crew for Rio Tinto Alcan Dragonboat Festival

Pemberton’s Laoyam Eagles will be defending an eleven year stint as Junior Champions at the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival, at False Creek, on June 19 and 20, 2010. What’s the secret to cultivating a world-class dragonboat team? Take a handful of Pemberton and Mount Currie First Nations kids, a lake the size of a large puddle and a former Olympic gold medalist turned Pemberton local. Now paddle. Hard.