Your crash course in the August 21 Pemberton Slow Food Cycle Sunday

Real food. Real people. Real fun.

Highway to foodlovers’ heaven

First, your soundtrack for the following post: And now, a special announcement from Michael McCarthy of the Province:  Pemberton is heaven for food lovers. In an feature in today’s paper, McCarthy recounts the strange conundrum of Pemberton: a rustic agricultural outpost that is becoming a destination for the food-savvy, for those who appreciate wild rose … Continue reading


Best Place in North America to cruise for hippie chicks

Pemberton, BC, is hogging the headlines this summer, and that’s okay. Seattle’s Dan Kostrzewski features the Slow Food Cycle ride (alongside Dave Steers’ lush photography) as one of the season’s top trips for the summer 2011 issue of Mountain magazine. Dan joined a media visit last summer that took a bike through BC’s organic boom-town, … Continue reading

100 ways to enjoy a Pemberton potato

Fried, baked or mashed, distilled, or as crispy chips… Pemberton potatoes are at the heart of a healthy 100 mile diet. And harvesting is underway, now that Slow Food Cycle preparations aren’t here to distract our local growers! But they can be very sneaky. Hard to tell apart… …until you taste them. Here are some … Continue reading

How to Slow Food Cycle, Pemberton-style

It’s easy. It’s free. It’s the most fun you can have on two-wheels (going flat.)  It’s a chance to eat all day and feel no guilt pangs whatsoever. Join Pemberton’s signature moveable feast, the mass celebration of pedal-power, local food and family farms on Sunday, August 15 at the original Slow Food Cycle Sunday. Here’s … Continue reading

Superstar chefs turn the limelight onto Pemberton farmers

Another reason to be happy the Meager Mudslide didn’t wash Pemberton Meadows away? Slow Food Cycle rides on. And ten tickets remain for the Slow Food Cycle benefit dinner, taking place in Pemberton on Saturday 14 August. The menu, a creative collaboration between Araxi’s Executive Chef James Walt and Grant Cousar and his team at … Continue reading

Choose Pemberton

Choose homegrown.
Choose to be chill.
Choose to smile at strangers.
Choose to pedal uphill.
Choose to make it yourself. Choose to live without fear. Choose paddling and potlucks and the post-ride beer. Choose dirt on your carrots and berry-picking feasts. Choose mountains in the skyline to the west and to the east. Choose to make your dog a citizen. Choose … Continue reading

Anticipation builds for Slow Food Cycle, Pemberton’s moveable feast

This year, the pedal-powered street festival Slow Food Cycle moves registration into downtown Pemberton, outside the Pharmasave, for ease of parking, from 8:30am. A potato pancake breakfast will be served at the Lillooet River Lodge from 8am (for more info call 604 966 8246, 1428 Pemberton Farm Road)), a salmon BBQ dinner served at the … Continue reading

1 Step steps up to green the Two Acre Shaker

Micro-music-fests are replacing the mega-festivals and mainstream concert tours – reflecting not just a downshift in the economy, but a desire for more intimate experiences and a tighter sense of community, even when – or maybe especially when – people are partying. One such grassroots microfest is set to return to Pemberton the weekend of … Continue reading

Slow Food Cyclists to trade lycra for lederhosen at post-ride Beer-Garden, August 15

Riddle of the day: which is sweeter? The bike-ride? Or the post-ride beer? Thanks to an initiative of the Pemberton Centennial Rotary Club and the Friends of the Pemberton Library, with additional support from the Pemberton Lions Club, Slow Food Cycle Sunday riders will be able to enjoy both. The community groups will host AUGUSTFEST, … Continue reading