10 Reasons to Staycation in Pemberton this Summer

We put together 10 reasons to turn your summer vacation into a staycation this summer, for the Village of Pemberton’s June Community Update. What’s on your summer hit-list? 1. Ease the Pain at the Pumps. Gas has already hit $1.40/litre and some projections see it moving as high as $1.70/litre this summer. So why not … Continue reading

Feast Up by Fronting Up to The Pemberton Farmers Market, Wednesdays

For a true taste of Pemberton, get thee to the Pemberton Farmers Market this summer! Operated by the Pemberton Farmers Institute, Pemberton’s oldest organization, the Farmers Market already has 17 vendors signed up for the 2012 season. (In 2009, there were 9 vendors, with only 3 being farmers, so the Pemberton Farmers Market has definitely … Continue reading

Why Do I Live in Pemberton?

I think this video pretty much covers it. Congratulations to the Nimby50 crew on a successful event.

Stewardship Pemberton on loving where you live, Part 2: Pay attention. Fight for what you love.

Last post, Stewardship Pemberton revealed the first step to loving where you live: get to know it. This week, we hear more from Veronica Woodruff, Dawn Johnson and Jocelyn Sereda on why making an effort matters, and why you probably don’t want to give your salmon a name. Soon after the Nature Centre opened last … Continue reading

Stewardship Pemberton explains how to love where you live. (Part 1: get to know it.)

What does it mean to love where you live? Stewardship Pemberton, founded officially in 2007, is a community group dedicated to education and the protection and restoration of the natural environment. Having completed the One Mile Nature Centre, a project 7 years in the making, they’re embarking on a 5 year strategic planning exercise and … Continue reading

Mosquito Lake Trail Run, April 22

3 surefire signs that spring has come to Pemberton: dog poo, skunk cabbage and the Mosquito Lake trail run. Inspired by this message in my inbox: yay for may. the Mosquito Lake run is April 22. registration 930, run at 10 all proceeds to PSAR a bit more than 10km, lots of hills, all trail … Continue reading

IceCap Organics puts harvest in a box

Far up the valley, safe from the snow, a kitchen table is loaded with seedlings and transplants. When I first spoke to Delaney Zayac  (then 32) and Alisha Dick (then 29) at the end of their debut year running Icecap Organics, they were part of a wave of new young organic farmers starting lives and … Continue reading

Paragliding Nationals drop in to Pemberton, August 5-12

On my 30th birthday, I decided to throw myself off a cliff. Luckily, Jim Orava was there to strap in to, and we paraglided over the valley together, to land gently on the playing fields at the old high school. I wrote about it for the Vancouver Sun, and 5 years later, received a note … Continue reading

Wall Art with Jonathan Kirby

  There’s something about Pemberton that appeals to the aesthetically-sensitive and visually-oriented. That must be the explanation for the high proportion of professional photographers living here. One local wedding and portrait photographer has also been busy capturing community events, like the Library Wine and Cheese fundraiser in the fall. We talked to Jonathan Kirby to find … Continue reading

Honorary member of the Potato Nation – Melissa Craig, we have a crown (and a grilled cheese sandwich) for you.

The Bearfoot Bistro’s executive chef, culinary superstar Melissa Craig, was profiled in the Globe and Mail yesterday. Is there an ingredient that you feel represents Whistler? Pemberton [farm] vegetables, I even use them in the winter. Like carrots, potatoes and beets. I actually phoned them the other day to get some crosnes (Chinese artichokes) and … Continue reading