Help the Nairn Connector Trail counter find its way home

Yeah, so there are travelling gnomes and other such “liberation” pranks, but the Nairn Falls Connector Trail, recently dubbed the best family-friendly hike in Pemberton, has been “liberated” of its trail counter.


Which is a bummer.


  1. It’s useless without its docking station and accompanying software. (It’s a sad plight for a tool to go from helpful to hopeless so swiftly.)
  2. The traffic count information about how many people are enjoying the trail helps regional planners and trail advocates make the case for future trails, and work out where best to direct funding.
  3. It’s not a spy gadget. It’s an infrared motion detector that keeps a record of how many times the infrared line is crossed. It doesn’t photograph or record any other information. (So if you’re a privacy-obsessed black bear who didn’t want your face on the Casino’s Most Wanted list, don’t worry. Your poker-habit is still completely anonymous.)
  4. It’s fellow-counters are now lo-o-o-o-nely without it.
  5. That’s $600 down the plughole. $600 that could be spent on building new sections of the Sea to Sky trail.

This is what a trail counter looks like. This isn’t the missing trail counter. That one didn’t have its photo taken. So it’s hair might have been dyed, and it’s name might have been changed. Still, it’s a reasonable likeness…

The counter was on a log near the 4th and 5th holes of the new Disc Golf course.

If you know of its current whereabouts, please return it to the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District office – attention Allison.

Feel free to drop it in an envelope with $20 and an apology for being such a douchebag if you liberated it as a prank.

(And if you happen to hear anything, or find a lost-and-confused trail counter lying around somewhere, please contact Allison at 604-894-6371×243 or

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 4.05.43 PM

In its first month, the Nairn Falls Connector Trail counter tallied an average of 50 people a day…


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