Expanded Mile One Eating House turns 2, proving you can Go Big AND Go Home

We first checked in with Mile One Eating House just after they opened in 2011. On Saturday they celebrate their 2nd anniversary, with $4 Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef cheeseburgers.
Mile One Eating House anniversary special
To note the occasion, we asked them to reveal the secrets to their success, and found out why Pemberton is awesome and why Chef and Proprietor Randy Jones is his own worst enemy.
You ended 2012 on a pretty high note: taking Best Restaurant, Best Chef, Best Value, Best Burger, Best Takeout AND Best Service in the Pique Best of Pemberton 2012 awards. Were there other high notes from the year? 
No question, it was a great year. We celebrated the first year Anniversary serving over 400 $5 burgers. The town was out in force!  Media coverage was fun, and we had some great foodie & travel writers through “our neck of the woods….and mountains” especially through the Summer months!  

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Then you closed up shop for a renovation that saw you expand your space. What can you tell us about the expansion?
There was about 500 sqft of unused commercial space directly next to us – prime frontage on the main road!  We had experienced solid growth in our first year and yes, although one could easily have just rolled with it, we saw an opportunity to give our team and guests a little more “elbow room”. 
Our seating capacity grew from the high thirties to 50 and more importantly we were able to add some new furniture that allows a more comfortable dining experience. 
Behind the scenes the kitchen line got a few more linear feet, so three people can work without tripping all over each other when it’s busy!
Everybody pitched in for the reno… staff, family, and our go-to local trades that are a must have when you’re doing this kinda work! 
At the end of the day being able to comfortably seat our guests and having an appropriate work space for our team is what matters most to us.
Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 10.34.10 AM
Did the menu expand as well?
We have kept the favourites in play and are currently working on some additions. 
However I am proud to report we are up around 30 BC brewed bottled beers…
and one can’t go wrong with our growing line of mason jar desserts. Gotta try the Smores in a Jar!
smores in a jar
97% of reviewers on Tripadvisor recommend you. In fact, the comments are positively glowing. What do you attribute that success to?
In my head, it is really simple:
Approachable environment, good quality ingredients that are handled with care, fair menu pricing, and engaged staff. 
We are by no means perfect, and guest satisfaction is different for every business, but it’s far simpler of an equation at times then people realize.
Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 8.52.18 AM
What has surprised you the most, since opening?
The diversity and depth to Pemberton.
We always knew is was a great little town, but it’s a unique gem when you see it from our perspective –
the diversity in everything from the people to the environment and the surroundings that influence it are, in my mind, one of a kind.
Finally, in March you celebrate your 2nd anniversary. As you launch into this new year for Mile One Eating House, what are your plans?
I am my own worst enemy at times, because I am always looking to see things grow and develop. I always need to have a couple things on the go!
But we’re planning another Big Burger anniversary Bash, significant menu growth, access to more great BC products, a new Fresh Tap wine on tap program showcasing BC wineries.

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