Social Media Sessions at the Library: Q+A with Lisa Richardson

It’s always dangerous when Shannon Ellis and I get together – we’re 2 idea-dervishes with solid over-commitment issues and are easily spun into each other’s brainstorming vortices, only to find ourselves in a Kansas of busy-ness. So it’s probably a good thing that we only manage to sit down for lunch twice a year. Last time, over burgers at Mile One, Shannon’s brainwave was to offer a series of free social media workshops at the library – one of the myriad of awesome community programs the Pemberton and District Library offers, and has been recognised for for 3 years running with a Winds of Change Wellness Recognition Award.

She cajoled me into playing Sensei to any aspiring social media Ninjas.  The first of the Social Media Sessions was held on Wednesday, November 14 – a speed-of-light- tour of 6 SoMe platforms you oughta know about. We covered the pros and cons of instagram, pinterest, LinkedIn, facebook, tumblr, twitter, and blogging, depending on what you want to achieve.

Next up, November 28, from 7pm to 8pm, we dig into Twitter 101.
And on December 12, from 7pm to 8pm, we’ll take a journey deep into the blogosphere, and help develop a game-plan to launch or leverage your blog.
(Please register by calling 604-894-6916, dropping in or emailing
To give you an idea what to expect, here’s Choose Pemberton’s latest Q+A, an interview with myself. Weird.
(I reserve the right not to answer any stupid questions.)
(Why not just not ask them?)
As an added bonus (and to manage my extreme discomfort at being on the “other side” of the inquisition), I’ll show you how fun twitter can be, by doing the Q+A in 140 character bursts. (Spend a certain amount of time on twitter and it does things to your attention span.)
How did you get to be a self-proclaimed social media expert?
I just proclaimed it in social media. SoMe is new enough you only need 5 years experience to be established in the field. #ninja
Seriously, do you have any actual skills in social media beyond blatant self-promotion?
Verbal diarrhea, easily distracted attention span and clients @wssf @whistlerwriters #slowfoodcycle @originvoice @winds4change.
What’s with all the @ signs?
Oh. That signifies someone’s twitter account or identity.
Right. Like you’re @pembygrl.
Uh-huh. I was doing a big project to promote Pemberton when I first created my personal account. And “Lisa Richardson” is tragically common.
Pity you don’t have a more original name.
I told my dad that recently and he said I could rename myself Bodhi PowderPuff.
Is a unique online identity important?
SoMe helps you be more findable, which is a good thing if you’re a freelancer with an undistinctive name.
Who else is it good for?
Community groups looking for low-cost ways of getting their message out. Municipalities committed to engagement. Brands. Businesses. Any size.
Anyone with an individual brand (realtor, consultant, pro athlete, artist.)
People looking for a creative outlet or a niche or like-minded folk with similar interests/concerns. Or change agents and influencers who want to contribute ideas.
Isn’t twitter a bit like talking really loudly on public transit so people can hear how cool you are?
Feels like it, sometimes. But unlike that loud-mouthed douche on his cell phone, on twitter, you can turn douchebags off with a simple unfollow.
To be honest, I’m a sceptic. I worry about erosion of privacy, time-wasting, getting addicted to being “on”, and not having anything to say.
I too have a tinfoil cap and am a cellphone refusenik. Everything has pros + cons. But there are tools and tactics to address those concerns
Why not just ignore Social Media and all the hype? #fingersinears #lalala
Because the revolution has happened. These channels are changing pop culture, media, marketing and childhood. Denial ain’t a strategy.
Plus, the point of social, putting media in the hands of the people, is a radical and empowering shift that puts us in charge of the story.
I still worry I won’t have anything to say.
Switch to receive. Twitter is as good as a personal news feed, as a “broadcast” channel. & We’ll cover “what should I say?” in our sessions.
Who should be on twitter?
Currently I follow 100 Pembertonians on twitter. I think everyone can benefit.
And how do I know if I want to be a blogger?
1. Do you keep a journal? 2. Do you have something to say? 3. Do you have someone you want to reach? All healthy clues.
I’m still confused.
That’s because you’re talking to yourself.
If I have questions, can I ask them at the seminars?
Of course. Or DM @pembygrl or put them in comments in the blog here, and we’ll cover them off.
One last thing, when are you and Shannon Ellis next getting together.
Monday, actually, for lunch at the Pony.
God help us.
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