Bringing the mountain to the yogis – Tadasana Yoga Studio

Pemberton’s newest studio, Tadasana Yoga + Wellness, is about to celebrate it’s second month in operation. In that short amount of time, they’ve already made an impact on the local wellness scene, celebrating their Grand Opening, hosting workshops and guest teachers, and offering a full schedule of classes and styles of yoga.
Later this month, Tadasana hosts yogi and teacher Maalaa to give a weekend seminar on Kids Yoga Teacher Training. (Sign up in advance. Sat Nov 24 12pm – 8pm, Sun Nov 25 11am – 5pm.)
We caught up with one of the studio’s 3 owners, (alongside Kristi Richards and Lacey Dueck), Georgette Metcalfe, to tell us about the new venture.

For the non-yogis out there, what does Tadasana mean? Why did you call the business that?

“Tadasana” means mountain pose.  Every day we are inspired by, in awe of, and humbled by our awesome Mt.Currie that looms above our town.  A mountain is so rooted, always grounded, yet soft and supple to change with the seasons.  The mountain reaches to the sky with infinite wisdom and possibility.  It flows with the energies of the earth and the universe.  We too, shall stand like a mountain.

Georgette, you opened this business in September, a time of year for a mom that’s full of change. Why launch a business that will ground you to a specific location and a tighter schedule than previously?

Yes, this is a busy time of year for all of us, especially with children.  It’s actually a relief to be grounded to one location.  Although I still teach at the High School and Elementary School it’s nice to have a location where we have a foundation for our business.  Because we live out of town my children now also have a place where they can ‘check in’.

Tell me about the teachers you are pulling together for this studio?

We have a wonderful array of teachers.  It’s amazing how many of them have been traveling to Whistler to teach all these years.  Because of their different training in lineages and interests it makes for a diverse schedule that we are able to offer.

You put out an invitation to share the space with anyone who might want to teach there or run workshops. What kind of interest have you gotten?

We are interested in sharing our space with people wanting to run workshops along the lines of wellness.  So far this has peaked the interest of Reiki masters, Ayurveda, raw foodies and yoga training/workshops.

What kind of support have you had from the community as you’ve been incubating and creating this studio?

The support from the community has been amazing.  I suppose the need was there and the time was right.

When you think about the people you want to “serve” with Tadasana, who comes to mind?

In terms of ‘serving’ the community we would like to continue to hear feedback as to what the people want so we can help to provide…whether it is different classes or class times, workshops or trainings.  Also, we will be working towards partnering more with our neighbouring First Nations Communities.  Tadasana is a place for healing and growth for all.

The Sea to Sky corridor has a pretty strong yogic community, but it seems to often be driven by a real fitness mindset. What’s the “wellness” component you are offering?

Yes, I agree that there is a strong fitness mindset when it comes to yoga.  The ‘wellness’ component is introspective.  We as teachers can share, facilitate and help guide towards an inner awareness and silence.  There must always be balance.

What makes you guys the right people to bring this to Pemberton?

I believe the 3 of us are a great fusion to make this dream a continuing reality.  We have many great ideas and
are inspired by one another on a daily basis.  We are all ‘entrepeners’ in our own right and have different strengths.  So far it seems to be a good balance.

Who are your mentors?

My mentors are endless.  My colleagues, teachers, fellow students, children, husband, friends….the list goes on.
Every day is an opportunity to grow, learn, be present and have gratitude.

How has the first month gone?

The first month has been great.  We are excited to see what the winter months bring.  Our goal is to have hot yoga set up for early in the new year.  As we see the potential arising we come to meet it with new ideas and dreams.

Why is yoga such a good winter practice?

Yoga is a fantastic practice in all seasons.  Winter is a Kapha season.  This means our systems generally slow down a little.  We crave warmer, hardier food.  Sometimes there can be mild depression with the days becoming shorter and there being less sun.  Yoga is a wonderful tool to help keep us social and share in a community setting. It can also help to keep our bodies systems functioning without becoming too stagnant.  What better way to balance this outdoor playground we live in with Yoga for whatever your needs may be.
How can people find out more?
We’re on twitter @tadasana_yoga, and on facebook.
People can also join our mailing list.
We are also constantly adjusting the schedule so be sure to check the online schedule for the most current classes and workshops before dropping in to class.

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