The Recreation Tradeshow, April 28 – Speed-dating for Activity-seekers.

In addition to being one of Pemberton’s most inspiring fitness trainers, (more on that in a future Q+A), Lindsay May also serves as the co-chair of the Recreation Advisory Committee, which is hosting a Recreation Tradeshow at the community cetnre on Saturday April 28. Think of it as a kind of speed-dating for recreation, where your perfect match might be a new hobby, interest, sport or club.

We touched base to find out what to expect.

Who and what is RAC?

It’s basically an Advisory Group to PVUS that has been around for the last two and half years, as an alternative to the previous Recreation Commission. We are all volunteers. We have zero authority or budget, but we look at recreation as it is provided, or not provided, in our area, and provide feedback and suggestions to the Pemberton Valley Utility Services joint committee, representing VoP and SLRD. Our Committee is made up of nine dedicated volunteers from Pemberton and Area which includes; Anne Crowley (Co-Chair), Bill Sirota, Jessica Turner, Kathy Jenkins, Michelle Klaui, Niki Vankerk, Pat Archer, Rebecca Barley (Area C School Trustee) and me, as Cochair.

We’ve advised on the Gates Lake facility, the Water Park, we advocated to hire a Recreation Manager, and our newest initiative, is really our first actual project, the Recreation Trade Show.

What is the Recreation Trade Show?

It’s designed to give recreation groups in our area some exposure, because the most common thing we hear in Pemberton is, “Oh? I didn’t know about that…”

At the moment, I’m putting together a database of clubs, recreation groups and activities… whether it be a knitting group, drop in badminton, a book club… anything people can be involved in is “recreation”. It’s not just about sports. And hopefully they’ll all get on board and set up tables at the Trade Show.

The Trade Show is also for the people who live here to get out, see what we have to offer, get involved, try something new, and see all the amazing things that are available in the area that make Pemberton such an amazing place.

What are some of the recreation opportunities that exist in Pemberton?
Volunteering, women’s soccer, youth soccer, the Writers Group, basketball, softball, baseball, the Women’s Institute, football, wool spinning, Scrabble, karate, mountain biking, Film Club, paragliding, walking, ATVing, the Wildlife Association, the 4H club, Winds of Change, the Canoe Club, MotoX, Stock car racing, cross country skiing, Chess Club, drop in badminton… There’s so much going on, it’s crazy.

There’s so many ways you could get involved in this community. Really, the idea is to highlight, not only the opportunity for people to be active, but also to volunteer.

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, why do you think that’s important?

My personal philosophy, that I run my business by, is that there are four facets to health and wellness. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. And if we only focus on being healthy in one context, we’re missing out on the chance to live to our full potential and live our greatest life. Wellness is not just about losing five pounds but about creating balance and happiness in all facets of life.

In a nutshell, being active and engaged in your community is critical to your health and critical to the health of your community.

The more connected we are as people, the more we care about each other. I think when we isolate ourselves, we tend to forget that other people matter, that people have feelings.

In your professional opinion, how “healthy” is our community?
I think there are a lot of people who are really active in our community, in a physical sense, but more can be done, which is why we’re organizing this trade show, to bring us closer together as a community. Partly, that has to do with the phenomenal growth our community has seen, so we end up living in pockets, rather than with an overall sense of connection.

In all communities there are demographics within the community that need more encouragement and more opportunities to be involved, and I think, in all aspects of life, when we encourage people to be involved, we build stronger community.

It feels like you’re talking about building community resilience, so that in the face of crisis or an emergency or sudden rapid change, we are well positioned to cope.

Definitely. In moments of crisis, this town comes together. It’s incredible what can be done when it’srequired. The most recent example of that was the fundraiser at the Legion for the Senior Boys and Girls Basketball teams that raised almost $15,000 to help those kids represent our community. Given the opportunity to be involved, pepople step up, with real excitement. It makes them feel good to be able to.

We often see that, under unfortunate circumstances, we get together, and we find ourselves saying, wow, this was nice, we should do this more often, under better circumstances. Creating opportunities for that to happen is really important as a community, and it’s important for government to support that. It’s something we can always be better at.

What is your dream outcome for this Recreation Trade Show?

I would like to see, firstly, people walking away going, “Wow, Pemberton is awesome.” I’d like it to affirm for people why they choose to be part of this amazing community, and to affirm that they are part of what makes it amazing.

And secondly, I’d like people to get more involved and to feel welcome. In small towns, sometimes things feel a bit cliquey, so if the trade show can help overcome some of those fears we all have about trying new things or approaching a new group, that would be a great outcome.

What prompted this event? 
This is coming from a positive place and about moving us in a positive direction. It’s no reflection on what has or hasn’t been done in the past.

In my experience, that’s one of the things I love about Pemberton. If you have an idea, and you’re willing to get off the sidelines and roll up your sleeves, you can make what you want to happen, happen.

I would encourage people if they have an idea to roll with it. Bring it the RAC. The Recreation Advisory Committee represents the people of Pemberton.

We meet the 4th Tuesday of every month. Our meetings are completely open to the public. We don’t just welcome, we get very excited, if people come.

Our mission is to truly represent the people in the community, and to do that we really need their feedback. So if you don’t have time to commit to a meeting, then send any of us an email with your thoughts, ideas or comments.

Why would people go to RAC, rather than share their feedback or concerns directly with staff at the Community Centre, with the Village of Pemberton, or with their local government rep? 

Either avenue is fine. But the idea of having it come to the RAC is that we’re a group of volunteers who are very very passionate about recreation. Not that government official or staff aren’t. But with all the things that sit on Jordan or Susie’s plate, for example, recreation is just one tiny part of that. For the RAC, if you bring an idea to us, then we have nine people adding to your voice, saying, “hey! listen to this.” So it allows people’s voices to be heard a little louder or stronger.

For more information about the RAC, to register for the Trade Show, or to provide feedback about recreation in Pemberton, connect with Lindsay via 604-905-9347 or

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