Make Art and Trade it at MADE with the Pemberton Library’s Artist Trading Card Project

It’s hard to find a good use for a business card in Pemberton… Sure, you can tack a few to the noticeboard at the Mt Currie Coffee Co, but off-line “networking” in Pemberton is more likely to happen at drop-in kids’ gym or after a yoga class, at the Legion or Beer and Burger night, chatting to someone in the line-up to get your coffee, or picking up your mail. “Oh, hey, do you know…?”

I’ve got boxes of hundreds that I have never handed out… and almost as many that I have been given and never refer to, because if I want to get in touch with someone, I track them down via Google, facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, or wait until I run into them at the coffee shop.

But a 2.5″ x 3.5″ piece of art? Unique, personal, exchanged? Now that’s a signature statement that’s worth collecting. (And anyone who ever traded baseball cards or Pokemon, knows how addictive it can be too.) It’s the Artist Trading Card.¬†And it’s coming to Pemberton. Just in time for MADE, the Pemberton Art’s Council’s 4th annual artistic expression session, on Saturday November 26.

But the only way you can collect a tiny piece of handmade art, according to the rules of the Artist Trading Card movement, is by exchange. Which means you have to make some of your own first.

Starting TODAY, Monday 21 November, at the Pemberton and District Library, as part of MADE, an Artist-Trading-Card workstation will be set up, with blank cards and supplies to get you going.

Drop in any time between now and November 28, and make your own piece of miniature art.

There are only two rules. Artist Trading Cards must conform to the 2.5″ x 3.5″ size. And they can only be traded, never sold.

There are no other rules. Paint, draw, collage, calligraphy, write, haiku, bead, bedazzle, decoupage, glue, dot, photograph… the options are limitless… within the limits of the 2.5″ x 3.5″ card.

So, unleash your inner crafty-king or queen and Occupy the Library this week, (or make them at home), to take back the impersonal, generic business card for ever, and contribute to what could just be the largest collective art exhibit Pemberton has ever seen.

Leave your completed trading cards in the care of the library this week (autographed or anonymous, you choose) and visit the exhibit at MADE to see them hung as part of a mass display. Then, next week, come in to the library and take home as many cards as you created… just not your own! That’s the exchange part.

It could be the coolest way to own your own piece of Made-in-Pemberton original art.


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