Wild Planet Raw Foods – Sarinda Hoilett shares how to live deliciously raw, wild, and in tune

While a raw food diet might have a reputation as the bento box for the fringe and the freaky, Sarinda Hoilett’s clients and converts are regular folk, people with allergies and food sensitivities, yogis, conscientious moms, dedicated gourmands and the growing ranks of everyday people who want to know where their food comes from. The Mount Currie-based bodyworker and yogi took her practice off the mat and into the garden and kitchen when she started Wild Planet Raw Foods. This fall, she is offering an INTRO TO RAW LIVING CUISINE workshop up and down the Sea to Sky corridor, so we took the opportunity to discover more about raw, and how to come more fully to life through food.

What is Wild Planet Raw Foods?

My Raw Food Business. I teach workshops, cater, offer private consulting/coaching sessions, and private chef services. I have catered for weddings, private dinners, business meetings, parties, culinary events, yoga & healing workshops.

Our Wild Planet is an expression of Life in its natural state. Wild – un-tamed, un-domesticated, not engineered. Organic raw plant foods are an expressions of an abundant wild planet.  Wild harvested is the healthiest, most nutrient dense food that we can eat… There are thousands of plant species on the planet. They each contain information from the soil where they grow, the water that flows through them, the air that surrounds them, and many healing properties. Just like people they all have a unique voice and are part of the Planetary conversation. When we consume the purest plant foods we have a direct link to this voice.

How long have you been in operation, and what’s the main focus of your business at the moment?

WPRF was launched in 2007 when I started teaching Raw Living Cuisine workshops. After every class people would ask where they could purchase my “products”. This demand inspired me to create a line of products that I sold at local Farmers Markets. The main focus of my business at the moment is discovering how best I can serve my community.

There is a huge demand for healthy plant-based raw and whole foods. The industry is growing exponentially. But I still see people are struggling with what to eat and how to feed their families. If it’s not easy and convenient most people don’t make the effort to take care of themselves. My goal is really to transform how we relate to food and empower people to reclaim their health.

How long have you been an advocate for raw?

In 2005 I fully committed to eating 100%. It was really a slow evolution. It wasn’t a radical change from how I was already eating. I was already vegan and eating a pretty clean whole foods diet.  If I had known more about it earlier in life I would have been all over it. I spent my whole life trying to adapt to the SAD (standard american diet) and it never worked for me… I don’t think it works for most people anymore.

Why? What are the benefits of raw food?

It’s sort of like pushing the reset button on your body and getting back to your innate balanced state. You might experience increased energy levels, clarity not just mentally but emotionally & spiritually, less inflammation (the root of most illness & disease), improved digestion, weight loss or gain (depending on what is necessary), improved digestion, clear skin, improved immunity (bye-bye common “cold”).

It is important to note, though, that like many things in life it is important to approach this lifestyle with a clear intention and with awareness. First off, educate yourself. There is lots of information available and not everybody agrees with each other. We all have different bodies and we all have to find our own individual dietary groove.

One thing that raw foods do is clear your system enough that you can really feel what works for you and what doesn’t.

Ultimately you are the master of your own temple and with a little house cleaning your internal guidance system will let you know what you need for optimal health.

What’s the difference between raw food and what people can get from the grocery store?

Raw foods generally refer to whole plant (fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, sea vegetables, nuts, and seeds) foods that have not be processed or heated above a certain temperature (approx 118 degrees F, depending on who you ask).

An example of a “living food” would be sprouts.

The misleading thing about what you might purchase in a grocery store is that whole foods can be irradiated or treated with toxic chemicals and still called raw foods (eg pasteurized almonds ). Foods can be genetically modified and still considered a whole and or raw food. Again it is important to educate yourself and know how to read AND interpret labels.

How does food fit into the overall picture of a healthy wholehearted life?

You are what you eat. Like everything else on earth we are affected by our environment.. .the air we breathe, the water we drink. We are also affected by our thoughts and our beliefs… the people we spend time with …. Many traditional medical systems believe that emotion is the root of all illness. I believe intention is a huge part of the picture. Personally I believe we have the capacity for so much. We know we use a fraction of our brain power, we breathe at a fraction of our lung capacity, we are emotional and spiritual infants… whatever gives me a glimse beyond this limited state is what inspires me. And the source is within us. You can stimulate some of these insights and awakenings externally but it’s always temporary. I love the challenge of removing the blocks to our innate amazingness. So I believe you need to set you intention and do the “work” on many levels. Practicing yoga does not lead to enlightenment if that’s not your intention. If your intention is to get fit and look good then that’s what you get. If your intention is to access a greater awareness of self then that’s where your journey will take you.

People seem to be experiencing a huge re-awakening around food. Do you see that in your work? Do you connect it with anything in particular?

I see people starting to inquire more in general. People are thinking more about the impact of their choices. The alarming rates of illness and disease (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, infertility…) is enough to make anyone re-assess what they eat.  What I find, though, is people are overwhelmed with information overload and have difficulty knowing what to do. I really hope to inspire people to get clear and listen to their own bodies and really think about what they are putting in their mouth and why. Food is such a loaded issue for people… On top of the fact that corporations have taken over the food supply, to the point where we think that food comes from a grocer storey and the only way to access food and water is from a store and for a price. Food grows on earth. Water flows from springs. We can harvest those things for free!

Who can raw food workshops benefit?

My workshops can benefit anyone with an open mind and a desire to expand their knowledge base. I have nothing to preach and definitely don’t have all the answers. It’s really about creating awareness around our choices and how they affect us personally and collectively. It is NOT about being %100 raw or %100 vegan.

What motivates people to attend your workshops?

Good question. For the most part the classes are about blowing peoples taste-buds away with great food and watching the lights turn on. For some people it is really life-changing. Raw living foods are full of Life Force. It’s unmistakeable . So it’s not about eating “carrot sticks and celery.” It’s about waking up our innate life force. You really need to experience it. I think people come for a food experience and leave with much more. I think Raw Food is one of many gateways to a lifelong journey of self discovery. It will most certainly present some challenges (physical, emotion, spiritual detox) but I really encourage people to persevere.

Where does this interest come from, for you? Being a mom? Being a yogi? Some deep-rooted part of your personality?

This interest or path is not something I have sought out to do. It is definitely part of me. I wouldn’t want to live any other way. Food, yoga, parenting are all part of my experience. I feel so strongly about it and not in a political or activist kind of way. To me it makes no sense to poison ourselves on purpose…with food, relationships, lifestyle… Having children throws a whole new dimension into the equation and in a sense that is where the urgency comes from to create more awareness.

When did you move to Pemberton? Why?

I was pregnant and needed a garden of eatin’ for my family. So we moved from Whistler to our little piece of paradise at the base of Mount Currie.

What do you like about running your own business in Pemberton?

I still don’t feel like I run a business! This is just what I do. That being said, I am so inspired by the sheer beauty of my environment. I love getting up early and practicing yoga in my studio and looking at Mt.Currie. I love going for morning rides and seeing the awesome views in this valley. I love picking food outside my back door. I love working in my kitchen and making food that is so life enhancing. I love that I can leave “work” and in minutes jump in a lake or river. I am so grateful for the community of people who live in Pemberton and have made the choice to carve out a life and follow their dreams.

What are the opportunities for food-lovers in Pemberton?

Pemberton is awesome because we have so much amazing agricultural land and some super passionate organic farmers. There are so many opportunities for a more sustainable local food system. It is really about bringing community together with that intention. The difficulty lies on our dependance on the corporate food structure.

How much food do you grow yourself? Is that another way for people to connect with the life force of food?

I aspire to be a great gardener. My garden always produces food but often looks like a jungle. I don’t mind though. It seems counter-intuitive for me to pull out nutrient dense medicinal “weeds” like dandelion, clover , chickweed, etc…to plant lettuce. I love Sprouting. It’s easy and affordable for anyone. It’s really the freshest food you can eat. You can’t get more local than your kitchen counter. I think growing your own food is definitely a way for people to connect, period. Best to be barefoot. Check out the book Earthing, by Clinton Ober.

What’s your vision for the future of Pemberton? 

I look forward to the day when food is just food. Not health food or regular food, commercial or organic. When food isn’t an emotional crutch, a political statement, or biological warfare. I would like to see an organic mostly raw whole foods plant based cafe in Pemberton. I want to see kids eating quality food instead of junk. I want to give people the opportunity to make better choices because right now there aren’t very many. I want to see programs in schools. I want to see people stop taking toxic pharmaceuticals that prevent authentic healing. And I want to stop being considered odd or extreme because I care about what I put in my mouth!

For more information, or to register for the workshops, contact sarinda@wildplanetrawfoods.com.

One Response to “Wild Planet Raw Foods – Sarinda Hoilett shares how to live deliciously raw, wild, and in tune”
  1. Keith Hoilett says:

    What a superb visual display of food! a virtual feast for the eyes and, based on my experience, a delightful gastronomical adveture.
    Congratulations and keep up the good works.


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