Highway to foodlovers’ heaven

First, your soundtrack for the following post:

And now, a special announcement from Michael McCarthy of the Province:

 Pemberton is heaven for food lovers.

In an feature in today’s paper, McCarthy recounts the strange conundrum of Pemberton: a rustic agricultural outpost that is becoming a destination for the food-savvy, for those who appreciate wild rose petals and champagne vinaigrette sprinkled on their greens, a la The Foodlovers. 

And to be sure, this is what I love most about Pemberton – that there’s room enough here for both my inner redneck and my inner froufrou. (This Gemini breathes a sigh of relief.)

Over the past decade the valley has grown from 1,600 to nearly 4,000 residents, but it’s the age and personality of newcomers that’s fascinating.

If you want to meet up all the fascinating earthy-hipsters that charmed Mr McCarthy, the likes of The Foodlovers, Schramm Vodka, Rootdown Organics, Bathtub Gardens, Coffee Paula from Pemberton Valley Coffee Company, Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef, then head up for Slow Food Cycle Sunday on the August 20-21 weekend and meet them for yourself. After all, most of these folks live on the same street. (Where practically everybody knows your name.)


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