Pemberton Farmers Market is now in season – Eat Local!

Almost 20 producers are featured on the Pemberton Farmers Institute page, and a large number of them are regular vendors at the Pemberton Farmers Market, which is up and running, and was just featured as one of the best things to do to celebrate the first week of summer. Get the scoop on what’s fresh and forthcoming by liking the Pemberton Farmers Market on Facebook.

Pemberton Farmers Market

Hosted every Wednesday from 4pm to 7pm outside the Pemberton Valley Grocery Store, the market is quirky (tarot card readings, local Council information boards and performances from the local Glee club) and the produce is as fresh as you can get, with most of what’s available sourced from within a 10km radius.

Pemberton Farmers Market

And while the Pemby market doesn’t have the buzz and sophistication of the big-hitters like the Whistler Farmers Market, it is a great place to grab a mid-week “takeout” dinner (Indian treats from Nidhi’s cuisine, something refreshing from Pemberton Fresh Juice, and something sweet from Simply Delicious Bakery for dessert), check out what local artisans are up to, grab some extra plants for your own herb or veggie patch, and fill a basket with fresh produce.

Pemberton Farmers Market

And it’s an easy way to do your bit for climate change, and Eat Your View, which, as Michael Pollan says, is the perfect way to preserve pastoral viewscapes and protect them from urban sprawl – by supporting the farmers who are trying to work the land.

If you care about growing our local economy, then buying fresh produce from local farmers every Wednesday at the market is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to put your money where your house is. See you there? (Save some strawberries for me!)


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