2 week countdown to Nimby Fifty

With just 2 weeks to go until the second annual Nimby Fifty XC bike race lets loose from Pemberton’s North Arm Farm, it’s a good time to revisit Choose Pemberton’s first post, an interview with Nimby50’s braintrust, race founders Russ Wood, Terry Evans and Dean Linnell, about their source of inspiration. (More pictures from the inaugural ride – here.)

Who were the racers? 
Out of the 230 registrations we had at least half were from outside of the Sea to Sky, lots from the lower mainland, the island and probably about 15 from Washington state. We also had a good group from the interior/Okanagan, probably another 20. Ages ranges from 19 up to 50+, with the 30-39 category being the largest in the men and women. We had 46 women in the end, although when registration started it seemed like we might get more, plus we had Catherine Pendrel the World Cup leader right now! In general I think most of the riders were either people who follow most of the marathon length scene around, as well as some really good riders who don’t usually race, but the technical single track aspect of this race turned them on to register and compete.

The race was described by many participants simultaneously as “savage”, and “I can’t wait to come back next year.” What’s that about?
Very cool – Pretty much exactly what we were hoping for to be honest. We wanted a course that was predominantly single track and one that was tough. Not tough as in needing to huck or drop, but a course that keeps you on your toes the entire time. Nothing against some of the other races around, but a course that is almost entirely single track is what Pemberton naturally had to offer and that it what we tried to market and deliver. As far as the response with people interested in next year that is very gratifying, you never know how things will out and we are stoked that the racers are stoked to come back again next year and try for a little redemption.

What was the carnage rate? Just one collarbone?
Not bad, one collarbone and one very sore shoulder… other than that just some scrapes and bruises, a few broken bike parts, and some broken souls… but those will heal.

Do you feel as if this race will go someway to putting Pemberton on the map?
I think Pemberton has been becoming “on the map” for a couple of years now, but hopefully this will accelerate it especially as far as XC riding is concerned. It’s gotten some press for it’s DH riding, but the climb up Nimby and Let It Go is truly one of the best single track climbs you find anywhere. Link this up with some of the other tough but doable trails and I think there is a whole world of “trail” riders that will love this place. As far as what the race will be known for… we did go after that “3 weeks out from the Test of Metal training race” idea to try to grab some of that crowd. However after talking to people after the race I think the NimbyFifty could become a classic all to itself. It’s a little bit of a different race to the Test, although lots of the riders will do both. In the end we have no ambitions to grow it that big, I’m not sure the trails could take it, but as one guy (who finished high up, about 20th) I spoke to at the finished said “This will be the xc race that all other xc races will be compared to, get ready for next year.”   Read more…


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