Adventure? Ready, Set, Go for the Pemberton Bucketlist

Pemberton Feature Promo from Randy Lincks on Vimeo.

Pemberton photographer Randy Lincks shot this video for Tourism Pemberton  – the perfect starting place for creating the ultimate Pemberton bucketlist. What’s your must-do Pemberton experience?

7 Responses to “Adventure? Ready, Set, Go for the Pemberton Bucketlist”
  1. Here’s my Quintessential Pemberton bucket-list:
    * buy a winter supply of potatoes or carrots direct from a farmer
    * hit a bulls-eye at the shooting range
    * mountain bike up Happy Trail without touching your foot down
    * stand on top of Lumpy’s under the powerline static for as long as it takes to catch your breath
    * walk/skate/swim across One Mile Lake
    * identify your house from the air (via glider, heli, small plane, sky dive chute or parasail)
    * ride the Slow Food Cycle
    * tour the Schramm Vodka distillery
    * enter the Canada Day run
    * drink Caesars on the deck at Big Sky

  2. Paul Cumin says:

    * land a winter steelhead on the fly from the Lower Lillooet River
    * serve my kids fresh pre-rut bow-shot venison tenderloin onsite in the Mackenzie Basin
    * learn to speak passable Ucwalmicwts
    * see my wife race the Powder-Puff and my daughter rock the Father-Daughter dance on the same day
    * conduct a wedding at the summit of Mt. Currie
    * return from a day of friends, family and fresh turns off the Duffey to soak in our own self-built wood-fired hot-tub
    * be on *v*y L*k* with a tray full of flying ant patterns as the temperature rises above 27 degrees in the Spring
    * split-board the Spearhead traverse before the huts are built
    * see Corb Lund play the PemHo
    * break into the McEwan laboratory; steal secret strawberry seeds; ripen and blend with legal addictive substance; market; become billionaire

  3. #Pemberton Top 10: Potatoes, Mtn Bikes, Views, Food, Hiking, Wildlife, Skiing, Sunsets @ Ravens Rock, Jet Boating w/Pehota, Vodka? (via @schrammvodka)

  4. Bruce Miller says:

    Last summer we really enjoyed meeting friends in town-riding bike trails til dark, then a beer at pony or legion or somewhere. Not hardcore riding just chatting and exploring around Pemberton. (via facebook.)

  5. Angela Stott says:

    not quite as elegant as Paul… but here it is as it currently stands:
    1. cross country ski at Black Tail Meadows
    2. ride a horse somewhere that involves fording a stream
    3. get to Tenquille Lake (*shock* I’ve never been)
    4. ride my mountain bike again (I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus)
    5. go to the Legion on more of those fundraising dinner nights
    6. savor a chocolate croissant (heaven) and sip coffee at Blackbird Bakery on a rainy day in November
    7. learn to drum and sing at least ONE of the Lil’wat songs
    8. take more books out of the library
    9. join the Pemberton Canoe Association and paddle… again
    10. paraglide (because I’ve watched it for long enough)

  6. Canoeing on Lillooet Lake, hotsprings, Cream Puff, mushroom hunting, Joffre Lakes, & taking a trail until you’re somewhere else! (via @MaxSilverson)

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