Java and jaw-down with the Mayor

Espresso fuels self-expression? The Village of Pemberton hopes so. Starting Thursday April 7 at the Mount Currie Coffee Co, Mayor Jordan Sturdy will be holding up the bar at local cafes as part of a monthly effort to make it easier for locals to connect with muni hall on local issues.

Sturdy told the Question: “I always get button-holed and I certainly don’t mind that — that’s part of my job. But it’s all just happenstance,” he said. “It’s like ‘Oh, there’s the mayor, should I talk to him or not talk to him? I don’t want to bug him.’ Frankly, I prefer when people come up or phone me… but I can understand why people don’t necessarily do that. “So I thought I would make a formal time available in a public setting to say ‘Here I am, and if you’ve got something to say, come and say it.’ I’m happy to listen, explain, understand or however people want to use the time.”

Sturdy said the idea to start the program came after he attended a Local Government Leadership Academy forum earlier this year that had a strong emphasis on communication and leadership style.

Why not make it a date? After all, the coffee’s on him.

Future dates and locations to be announced. No RSVP required.

Questions can be directed to:


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