Pemberton distillery creates the world’s first organic gin

The 100 mile liquor cabinet is becoming more of a possibility thanks to Pemberton’s master distiller Tyler Schramm.

When a Pemberton chef identified a local source of juniper berries to Schramm, he got to work creating the world’s first organic gin.

Schramm told the Whistler Question: “We’re using a similar spirit that we use to make our vodka, but then we stick it back into one of our stills and add herbs and botanicals. It then gets re-distilled.”

Each batch will be slightly different, as the distillery finesses the recipe. Their wont for experimentation will also yield, in addition to the distillery’s award winning vodka, and a scotch whiskey, other flavoured liqueurs using local ingredients.

“We’re working on a wide variety of liqueurs using local ingredients,” said Schramm. “We’ve got blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and even locally-grown hazelnuts that we’re making liqueurs out of. Once blueberries come into season, we’re going to do a blueberry vodka as well.”


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