Attack of the Crafty Chicks – Crafty by Nature Holiday Show and Sale

Whether Sunday 5 December is the perfect opportunity for you to accomplish all your Christmas shopping or to blow off the to-do list and splurge on some handmade treats for yourself, really depends on your self-discipline in the face of lovely things. With free admission, live music with Suzanne Wilson, and sweets and treats for shoppers, Crafty by Nature is your one-stop shop for a 100 mile Christmas loaded with quality, original, authentic craft. Featuring Ulla Clark’s home decor and textiles, Shannon Ellis’ bags, hats and clothes, Frances Dickinson clothes,  jewelry by Caroline Miller, Michelle Klaui and Andrea Cooney, Amy Hazeldine’s pottery and Vanessa Stark’s original paintings and cards, the first Crafty by Nature Holiday Show and Sale is an irresistible round-up of the wares of some of the most talented women in Pemberton. Crafty by nature, indeed. (Food bank donations will be accepted all day, ensuring we spread the love all over.)

We checked in with event organiser, Frances Dickinson , to find out from whence  this fun idea hatched.

When did you start making felt and clothing?

I started my business in 2003. I had just graduated from art school and was determined to start my own business. I had been passionate about felting in school and thought I would bring it to the people!

Where is your work normally available?

Right now my work is only available at the shows I put on. I have taken time off my business to start having kids and am now just getting back into things.

How do you wrassle this talented group of women together for this initiative?

Shannon Ellis, Ulla Clark and myself have been talking about doing a show like this for years. Once we decided to do it, it was a matter of putting our heads together and coming up with people we would like to work with and people whose work we admire. It didn’t take long.

What motivated the Crafty by Nature holiday show?

The three of us have talked about doing something like this for years. We were all exhibiting at the Circle Craft Christmas show a few weeks ago and were energized by each other’s new body of work. I kept thinking : why aren’t we doing this in Pemberton? Give people a chance to get to know their local makers, and do a quality show, our own way.  Everyone always complains about a lack of unique shopping in Pemberton so let’s give it to them!

Have you ever organised anything like this before?

I help organize a show in Vancouver called the Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Show. We are on our eleventh show.

Why Pemberton?

Pemberton is a small town with a lot of big minded people. We have our own identity and we want to develop ourselves and our own interests, outside the shadow of Big Brother Whistler. People are also asking for variety, creativity, and something beyond global markets. There is a growing awareness that a healthy local economy means a healthy local community.

What’s the difference between this show and MADE or the annual Christmas Bazaar?

This show is small. It is not a big extravaganza. We have hand picked a few select makers and designers and we hope that when you walk into the show that you will like everything you see. We are going for a more intimate experience, a comfortable space to be able to take some time to try on some clothes, try on some jewelry, pick out a favorite mug, really think about what you want to buy, and to make a connection with the makers because these people are your neighbors.

Is there a price range people should anticipate?

I would say things are priced from $20 and up.

What does a 100 mile Christmas look like to you?

A Chrstmas tree cut from below the power lines, decorated with ornaments made by my kids, filled with presents made by myself!

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