Get MADE in Pemberton

On The Sopranos, “getting made” was the initiation ritual, the way someone became part of the group.  You don’t have to swing with mafiosos to get made in Pemberton… Being identified as part of Pemby-town is as easy as showing up at MADE, the annual art showcase.

Music, Art, Dance, Expression: that’s what’s getting MADE in Pemberton, and showcased at the funkiest live art show in funky town.

Pemberton’s across-the-board arty-love-in is no surprise to anyone who has attended the Pemberton Arts Council’s annual MADE event. MADE stands for Music Art Dance Expression, and the Community Centre gets a boho make-over every November, as it fills with funky energy and exhibits.

MADE in Pemberton returns for its third year on Saturday, November 27, 2010. Anyone keen to participate can contact Moldy. Get the details by joining the Pemberton Arts Council on facebook.

One Response to “Get MADE in Pemberton”
  1. elvicious says:

    Pemberton Arts Council’s 3rd Annual Art-Party is a Mafia-Free Way to Get M.A.D.E

    Community Centre turns into arts-heavy house-party on November 27
    The easiest way to be initiated as a Pembertonian? Get made at M.A.D.E. The ultimate arty-party. Nov 27.

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