Photographer Randy Lincks gets A+ for his Pemberton B-roll

After living in resort towns for 23 years (Vail, Colorado, and Whistler, BC), professional photographer Randy Lincks started hankering for life in a real town. When he landed in Pemberton, he turned his lenses on the raw, Coast Mountains community, shooting his distinctive cinematic landscapes for clients, magazines and stock agencies. This summer, Randy frantically chased the light, to capture a stockpile of iconic videography of Pemberton for Tourism Pemberton, for a web and social media initiative funded jointly by the Economic Development Commission and Vancouver Coast and Mountains.  The video project is a way for Lincks to develop a storied video piece from a lot of the stock footage he already had shot over the years, and it gave him a chance to shoot some additional Broll. “Pemberton is such a special place with so much to offer and is uniquely different than Whistler or  Squamish,” says Lincks. ” With so much video on the web these days, Pemberton really needed a product to get the word out there.” We managed to pin him down for a few minutes, before he headed out to capture time-lapse of the fall fog, to ask him what’s stoking his fire.

So, what brought an American to Pemberton? I love small town life – especially in Canada, and I was looking to live in a real town instead of transit resort towns, after living 10 years in Whistler and 13 years in Vail.

What were you before you were a photographer? A snow cat driver  in Vail, Colorado.

What’s been your career highlight? One that comes to mind was shooting motion & still  photography  of skiing in the the Himalayas.

How many photos do you take a year? Approximately 3000-5000. That hasn’t really changed since going digital. What has changed is now I don’t have to send slide film off to Vancouver for developing.

What do you enjoy shooting the most? Anything in great light or anything that moves fast.

What’s the gnarliest situation you’ve been in, while shooting? Helicopter skiing in Alaska, before there was heliskiing  in Alaska, with Dean Cummings and Shane McConkey. Lots of super steep terrain, all in ropes and harnesses.

What are the pros and cons of working from a home studio in Pemberton? I love working from home. I see Mt Currie from my office window. I have done the commercial  office environment over the years, and it is nice to just be able to leave at the end of the day and close the door, but the day does not always end at 5:00pm.  Working from home requires discipline & motivation, and I have a lot that — most of the time…

What parts of Pemberton were you motivated to  capture? Everything really. It is just so nice just to be able to walk out the door to shoot paragliding, horseback riding, farming and of course Mt. Currie.

What have been the highlights from working on this Tourism Pemberton video? I had a beautiful early morning fishing shoot at Birkenhead Lake  with Ivan and Mark from Spud Valley Sporting Goods.  And I did some great helicopter aerials of people hiking on Miller Ridge.

What are you shooting with? Shooting some of the project with HDSLR and the rest with a Sony EX 1. I’m also using the Go Pro Hero for point-of-view for  shots like sky diving, paragliding, glider soaring and mountain biking.

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  1. elvicious says:

    Love the beta version of Tourism Pemberton’s summer promo video that Randy put together:

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