Slow Food Cyclists to trade lycra for lederhosen at post-ride Beer-Garden, August 15

Riddle of the day: which is sweeter? The bike-ride? Or the post-ride beer?

Thanks to an initiative of the Pemberton Centennial Rotary Club and the Friends of the Pemberton Library, with additional support from the Pemberton Lions Club, Slow Food Cycle Sunday riders will be able to enjoy both.

The community groups will host AUGUSTFEST, a Bavarian-inspired beer-garden in Pioneer Park, from 3pm to 7pm, on Sunday, August 15, as a wrap-up to the Slow Food Cycle.

Cold brews, barbecue, hot-dogs and giant pretzels will be served to slake any thirst or appetite that hasn’t been sated during the Cycle, and a free giant bouncy castle will help kids burn off any leftover energy.

Says organiser Marnie Simon, “We wanted to make sure people left with a good feeling after the Slow Food Cycle, and give people a chance to feed and water their kids before heading home.”

The AUGUSTFEST beer-garden will also benefit the Community Kitchen to be outfitted in Pemberton’s new Community Centre – an asset that will enable the Community Centre to host a wider range of events, weddings, and cooking classes.

“Food is such a powerful way to bring people together,” says Simon, who has seen the Seniors Society, Rotary, the Lions and Friends of the Library all rally around the cause. “That’s what makes this such a great fit for Pemberton’s signature food and farming event.”

Organisers are hoping that Pemberton’s population of Swiss immigrants and German speakers will dig out their dirndls and trade lycra for lederhosen, or even rustle up an accordion, to soundtrack the festivities, allowing riders to simply follow the “oom-pah-pah” once they hit downtown.


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