Improve Your IQ at the Pemberton Museum

Brian Brett writes in Trauma Farm: “Not too long ago I encountered a knowledge test. Do you know ten local birds, ten local trees, ten local flowers? Shut your eyes. Now, point to the north, point to the west. What phase is the moon tonight? Where will it rise, and when was the last time you watched it rise? What kind of ground is beneath you, and when was it created? Who were the first people who lived where you lived?”

If you were stumped at the first questions, as I was, a trip to the Pemberton Museum will set you right.  Open daily from May to September, the Museum features genuine pioneer buildings and artefacts dating back to the 1860s.  Take the Museum Garden Tour of heritage perennials, and you’ll soon ace the quest to name ten local flowers.

Make the Museum a regular stop… after all, it’s free.


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