Canada Day beverage of choice: the Five Mile Caesar

If you’re planning on making a toast to Canada Day on July 1, the go-to drink has to be the Caesar, the closest thing Canada has to a national beverage.

Inspired by the ultra-Canadian (?!) dish Spaghetti Vongole (spaghetti with clams), the Calgarian bartender (originally from Montenegro) who invented the cocktail blended lime, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt and mashed clams to give the Bloody Mary such a vicious twist that the Caesar would blow apart taste-buds and become the #1 selling cocktail of the True North Strong and Free.

If you’re planning on making a toast to Canada Day anywhere close to Pemberton, then your Caesar should be the 5 Mile version.

(For that magical mashed clam flavour, add another 45 miles.)

Start on your bicycle, and pedal up to the Schramm Vodka Distillery for a tour.

Schramm Vodka made from local organic potatoes is your starting ingredient.  (Check out their mixology hints here.)

Loverage Salt (related to the celery and parsley family), homemade horseradish, and pickled green beans for garnish, are all lovingly hand-made by the FoodLovers at North Arm Farm.

The FoodLovers are also catering the Canada Day celebrations at Pemberton’s Community Centre on Thursday evening, with handmade Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef sausage, white carrot, bean and herb salad, Lillooet honey and whole-wheat rolls, and North Arm Farm strawberries and cream cake. It will be like no weenie-roast you’ve ever tasted.

To drink to Canada Day without even raising a cocktail shaker, take a pedal-powered patio crawl of Pemberton’s watering holes to test the house versions of the Caesar, from the long bars of the Pony, and the Wildwood, out along Airport Road to the Black Squirrel restaurant at the Meadows Golf Course, where Food and Beverage manager Todd Cuthbert plies a trade that earned him Pemberton’s Best Bartender award in 2009. Or if you didn’t make it in to the Legion to celebrate Royal Canadian Legion Week June 20-26, drop in for a Friday night BBQ dinner from 6-8pm, open to the public.

One Response to “Canada Day beverage of choice: the Five Mile Caesar”
  1. Morgan says:

    Looks like a Blaze’s Bean in that Caesar…YUMMY!!!

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